Endless Reality

In the beginning, there were the Worlds...

Hundreds of years ago, several worlds were connected to each other. Peace flourished until a war broke out, which resulted in the worlds being isolated from each other as punishment. Now, a chance to travel again has been given by the mysterious Prometheia to two people. Sol and Luna come from different worlds but have the same opportunity: help Prometheia and their races will be free to explore the universe again. Fail, and their people will be isolated forever.

Endless is a classic 2D top-down tactical RPG. Explore 12 unique worlds to navigate an 8+ hour story. Follow Sol and Luna as they try to free their worlds from isolation and find their way home.

Released on August 30, 2017, including a free demo!


  • 12 unique worlds to explore

    During your travels, you'll find everything from flying cities to haunted towers. You will have to travel through blizzards, dark forests, and even explore a spaceship! Every world is very different with its own style and quirks.

  • An 8+ hour story

    Follow Sol and Luna as they try to get home. Find out what caused them to become isolated from the universe in the first place, and the mystery of Prometheia's goals in reconnecting the worlds to each other.

  • Turn-based battle system

    Battle against a variety of enemies in a simple turn-based system. Outfit your party with a multitude of equipment, items, and abilities. Take into account terrain and various environments to gain experience and become stronger.

  • Over an hour and a half of custom music

    Every music track has been crafted to fit the unique theme each world presents. Everything from the background themes to the battle music changes depending on where you currently are.

  • Other Details:

    • Works with several types of gamepads, specifically XBox360 and PS4 controllers, or use a keyboard.
    • Supports Linux (64bit), macOS, and Windows
    • Uses WOLF, a completely handmade game engine.

Can be found at:

  • Steam
  • Itch.io

  • Bandcamp (Soundtrack)