Updates for March 2022

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ wolf_engine

  • Wolf v2.4 released
  • Added the ability to build under CI for Windows. This caused some renames of libraries, due to Windows's low MAX_PATH, and caused tags all the way down the stack.
  • Massive improvements to DI support. Can now construct objects via activation, which provides services automatically.
  • Start of redoing how Stage components work, allowing them to automatically be able to get and provide services. Will require minimal changes - pay attention to deprecation warnings.
  • WolfMixerStage: The ability to create a component which will manage the mixer for you, and provide it via DI
  • Catalyst now allows you to specifically opt in or out of which headers Canis/Okami should be applied to.
  • CatalystCI now uses symlinks instead of --customSourceDir to put the source tree into HGuild's structure. CustomSourceDir might be removed in the future since symlinks is a cleaner approach.
  • Upgraded to LLVM14
  • Ruby can now call into static members, and added support for enums