Updates for January 2022

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ wolf_engine

This month

  • Starting to design stage runner to be able to load non-cpp applications easily
  • Catalyst: Reenable mold as an alternate linking. As part of this, linux now builds with PIC all binaries.
  • WolfUI: Shortcuts for menu items now work, which also redoes a good amount of the input stack.
  • Wayland: Better support for wayland throughout the stack
  • Xcode/ARM: Resign tests with the linker, so that tests can run properly in POST_BUILD.
  • Start of adding wolf specific c++ keywords such as 'let' to simplify code.
  • Catalyst Build canis dirs at configure time instead of build time, making the build a little nicer.
  • Bunch of improvements for future c++20 support, especially its massive constexpr improvements.