Updates for November 2021

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ wolf_engine gamedev

This month:


  • Catalyst: Added official support for VS2022.
  • CPlusPlus: Extension system now switched to better extension operator ('->*'). This system lets you more cleanly add extensions to any object, regardless if they opt in or opt out (including primitives! e.g. 2->*isEven()).
  • Canis: Adds extra dependencies on child modules during build, to catch issues when a dependency header changes its size.
  • Core: Added TextWriter to allow direct access to cout/cerr in a abstract way.
  • Core: Commandlineparser now supports '--' properly - which stops parsing arguments at the current level. This is useful for tools like WolfTool where you have both high level and low level arguments.
  • Secret: Start of highlevel tool to access secrets in WolfSecret for debugging.
  • Windows: Now uses UTF-8 mode for output, preventing the stupid mismatch that windows UTF-16 always had.
  • Catalyst: Now prefers adding sources directly to targets, instead of the old prepare and add. This fits better with our layout, and simplifies generation for newer features such as...
  • Catalyst: Now supports automatic registration of things even for.
  • Catalyst/Canis: Now supports autoregistration with applications. This allows apps to add classes to canis like modules can (useful for tests), or other registration functions they want to add, such as Dagger views.
  • Dagger: This is a library on top of Web which provides MVC support with a Razor like render system (using c++ instead of csharp). While not finished, it can currently do basic rendering of views.