Updates for October 2021

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ wolf_engine gamedev

This month:

  • HGuild: Now supports source:config:dependenciesInstallPaths --withFile : Returns all paths in all dependencies with the given filename (this is used for merging valgrind supression files)
  • LLVM/Canis: Now uses LLVM13


  • CommandLine now can handle array arguments via specifying the argument multiple times (e.g. --file=a --file=b)
  • WolfRez: Now fails properly if a file fails, instead of trying to run the final output. Added better error handling. Added support for a custom source dir (e.g. WolfCI)
  • Rendering: Fixed a crash which could occur if the rendering thread intermixes incorrectly with the application thread.
  • Fix issues with building on macOS under CI
  • Fix leaking FDs when creating processes
  • Added support for DebugResourceProfiler: similar to Memory::DebugProfiler, but for arbitrary resources (e.g. FDs)
  • Rewrote waitForAll to not use recursion for implementation - that way it doesnt crash with thousands of tasks. Endless:
  • Lua now supports providing logging categories
  • Fix a bug with FixedAllocator where if it alloacted the last chunk, debug verification would think the allocation chain was broken.
  • RandomGenerator: Added support for randomizing a boolean


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  • Ujaramw sil u pnulupmol mi zafeurrw nuzo luhkit fmumf
  • Ukkok feccilm sil FATE joahg fnemkiyh