Updates for September 2021

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ wolf_engine gamedev

This month was mostly just straightforward progress. Reorganized some stuff, and have plans for the next project, but nothing too huge.

Wolf v2.2.0-REL

  • Updated support for GLSLang/SPIRV libs.
  • Added preliminary support for MSVC22.
  • Support default textures in material templates.
  • Tons of emscripten fixes - now runs fine again.
  • Faster backtrace resolution on linux via an addr2line daemon : gives more capabiltiies to `WolfSystem::Process.
  • Much easier to allocate an object via Canis if you need to call the constructor seperately.


  • Supports loading maps from mods again - was broken due to the Wolfv2 transition.
  • Bunch of material updates.
  • Tek::Page is now canis safe so can easily be overridden in future projects.


  • Lokak mno kofagh. Giahg mi jo u jam jaggol, jem yarr nuzo tilo is u celcifo.