Updates for July 2021

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ wolf_engine

This month:


  • Now can easily configure your source directory for vscode. By doing hguild source:configureVSCode, it will alter the vscode workspace to use the correct catalyst build directories. It also will setup cmake-file-api properly for use with vscode, since VSCode won't if it didnt setup the original directory.


  • Lots of porting to Wolf 2.1. Going to be quite a process, due to the major changes between Wolf1 and Wolf2. Current goal is to get it compiling, then porting resources. Goal is to remain compatible with saves, and work as a platform for future projects.


  • A few minor fixes to exporting headers which were missed, and allow using the opengl rendererbackend externally without having to mark what drivers you're building with. Both of these are part of Endless porting.
  • Fixes to make sure Emscripten builds again. Still needs more work to use though.