Updates for June 2021

Author: thothonegan
Tags: c++ gitlab wolf_engine

This month:


  • Added the ability to have a callback generate entities for a Reference Table. This is useful if you want to dynamically generate values from another source, instead of prepopulating the entire table.


  • Released 2.1 with the last 3 months of changes.
  • Started a WolfSecret library, which allows storing passwords and other secrets within the OS specific secret manager. At the moment it just has a simple testing memory backend, but the plan is to add libsecret, Keychain, and credential store as needed.
  • More UIExplorer work
  • Got the vulkan driver working again (not for a huge value of working, but at least it doesnt crash on start anymore)
  • Fixes for older LLVM versions


  • Upgraded libfmt to 8.0