Endless Reality Preorders!

Author: thothonegan
Tags: gamedev endless preorder rpg soundtrack

Preorders are available for both the game on itch.io and the soundtrack on bandcamp! Steam will have to wait till release, but the plan is to release there too.

19 days before the final release (August 30)! Astute viewers probably have noticed the updates to the demo on itch.io - currently I'm running through the entire release process while uploading the various release candidates to make sure I don't forget anything. While the demo won't have changed much on the outside, the internals are a bit different due to the extra things added in the last year for the rest of the game ontop of the Tek/Wolf updates.

Right now we're busy following a billion release checklists to make sure everything's ready and won't have any issues on release day. Things are getting hectic, but everything's looking good.

Demo is also available on itch.io if you haven't tried it, and the first set of tracks of the soundtrack are streamable on Bandcamp. Check it out!