WWDC2015 Keynote

Author: thothonegan
Tags: wwdc wwdc_2015 swift ios osx watchos

Just some quick notes about the various things announced by Apple. Random thoughts, so not in any order or anything.

OS X (El Capitan)

  • mouse find, meh
  • swiping for mail
  • safari
    • pinned sites - yay taking chrome features
    • muting other tabs: kindof neat. Little nicer UI than chrome.
  • spotlight smarts : looks like tied into siri Maybe its just me, but i've never used semantic searching : probably cause i'm really good at organizing files.
  • mission control improvements
  • fullscreen handling subwindows properly, took long enough
  • split fullscreen : so like windows 8 sidebar metro apps, now that windows 10 isnt going to have them.

So lots of minor things, nothing too amazing.


  • Metal for OSX. This is both great and terrible. On one hand, that means I can finally write my Metal driver i've been wanting to do ever since it was annoced for iOS. The downside is Vulkan is going to be the really neat one, and hoping OSX will support it eventually (next year). Might be the first of the modern APIs I get to play with (DX12/Metal/Vulkan/Mantle). Probably the biggest feature atm for OSX 10.11 for me.

iOS 9

  • Siri improvements, meh. Never got into voice stuff. Interesting they're doing the proactive stuff like Cortana though. And third party API for spotlight. Which we've only been wanting since iPhone OS 2 (wasnt even called iOS at the time). Not that I need it for that project anymore, but its only been 7 years :P.

  • photos search with siri. Reminds me a ton of the new Google Photos features (which in turn was similar to the old Photos). Everyone just keeps improving on each other.

Notes improvements:

  • reminds me of markdown like stuff. Insert images, checklists, drawings, etc. Or evernote.


  • transit stuff: finally. Used to ride the bus/metro a ton, and google's equivilant was incredibly helpful.


  • news app: expect to hear people complaining about another non-removable app.
  • wayyyyy too animation heavy. I dont like stuff zooming in randomly when i'm scrolling down on stuff. Too many news sites do that nowdays.


  • Some neat improvements, but its all in the usable side of it. Which doesnt help i dont have one, so its a lot harder to gauge.
  • Split view is a neat solution to multitasking without getting too complex. Thats going to require apps to understand flexible sizes though. Common in android world, but iOS has had specific sizes so long, its been easier to build them that way. Knew it'd use the size classes from auto-layout.
  • Picture in picture for videos is nice : i've wanted to do that on my android phone before, since i use a lot of videos for music.


  • Swift2!
  • App thining. FINALLY. Removes all the extra resources from a binary when downloading. Its been a problem for us, since three quarters of our app size is usually iPad assets.
  • GameplayKit - sounds like my AI library I wrote for university.
  • ReplayKit - Interesting having that as a builtin library, its generally hard to do replays generically.

On one hand, gamedev libraries are useful, but they're so non-portable there isn't much of a reason to write code using them, since i'll have to write my own seperate anyways.

Swift 2

  • Whole Module Optimization. AKA, its LTO cause they suck at per file optimizing in swift. Lets make compiles even slower!
  • OPEN SOURCED! iOS/OSX/Linux support, by end of year! Swift is a really neat language, and I definitely will use it for small tools when its more portable.

watchOS 2


  • Custom complications (widgets you stick on the clock). That could be interesting.

Development - Most looks like a ton of the little things missing from version 1

  • Native apps, not needing the phone. Finally.
  • Playing audio on watch
  • Playing video on watch
  • Actual animations on watch instead of the frame hackery
  • Accelerometer, taptic controls
  • Digital Crown access

Apple Music

nothing really to say here, other than android support for itunes/apple music.