2017-04-20: Blog - Lua Backtraces

Lua Backtraces

2017-02-24: Blog - Type Traits

Type Traits

2017-02-17: Blog - CRTP - Curiously Recurring Template Pattern

CRTP - Curiously Recurring Template Pattern

2017-01-28: Blog - Coding Conventions

Coding Conventions

2017-01-20: Blog - Callgrind


2017-01-13: Blog - UFTrace - A Linux Profiler

UFTrace - A Linux Profiler

2017-01-06: Blog - Wolf Modules

Wolf Modules

2016-12-19: Blog - Profiling a cmake build

Profiling a CMake Build

2016-11-10: Blog - Wexpr References

Wexpr - References

2016-07-29: Endless Demo now available!

Free download of the Endless Reality demo now available on itch.io!
Available for Windows, Linux and MacOSX.
Get it here!

2016-05-22: New blog post!

Emscripten - Getting a string from JavaScript

2016-01-08: New Site!

Finally built a new site. Still adding things to it, but it's finally live!
To keep updated on what I'm working on, follow me on Twitter